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Professional Development

Mentoring Feature: Jane Altemose, Director of Purchasing Services

I’ve been a participant of the Mentoring Program for several years, first as a mentee and now as a mentor.  I’ve found it to be a rewarding and enriching relationship in which both the mentors and mentees benefit.  As part of the program, I’ve benefited by staying connected to, or meeting new colleagues that I might not otherwise regularly engage.

Team Building: Time Well Spent

When you hear the words “team building,” what are your first thoughts? Do you confront the proposal with excitement and eagerness, ready to take on a challenge with your unit? Or do you shy away and hope nothing comes of the phrase? If you associate more closely with the latter, you’re not alone. Perhaps you think your team functions just fine the way it is, or maybe you just aren’t looking forward to spending time doing silly activities with your coworkers when there are duties to be fulfilled.