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Student Health Insurance - Fall UG

NEW ACTION IS REQUIRED: Students are required to either Waive or Confirm Enrollment in the Health Insurance Plan by the deadline. 

Student Health Insurance for Undergraduate Students attending the Fall Term:

Undergraduate students taking more than four (4) credits are required by University policy to have Injury and Sickness insurance and, therefore, are automatically enrolled in the Lehigh University Student Health Insurance Plan. 

Waiver Form
Students who have comparable coverage form a domestic insurance company with claims paid in the United States are eligible to opt out of the mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan by submitting a Waiver Form. If you waive coverage, you will not be eligible to enroll in the Spring Semester Only policy unless you have a Qualifying Event as described in the Student Health Insurance Plan brochure. 

Enrollment Form
Students who are not waiving the Student health Insurance Plan and wish to enroll in the plan offered by Lehigh University need to complete the enrollment confirmation by submitting an Enrollment Form. This will activate your policy earlier enabling you to obtain prescriptions and medical services sooner. 

NOTE: International students with a current visa status of J-1 are required by federal law to have health insurance and must provide proof of insurance to Lehigh’s Office of International Students and Scholars.

If you waive the insurance coverage by July 1st, the charge will be reversed on your July Fall semester billing statement. If you do not waive the insurance coverage by August 1st, the insurance premium will be due immediately. Students who do not waive or pay for the insurance policy fee will have their academic records closed and may be in jeopardy of having their registration dropped.

Coverage dates

·         Annual: August 1 - July 31

·         Fall Term: August 1 -January 8

·         Deadline to Waive or enroll in the Lehigh Student Insurance coverage is August 1st

For more information about the health insurance coverage click here.