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Student Health Insurance - Graduate

Student Health Insurance for Graduate Students attending the Fall or Spring Term:

Health Insurance coverage is highly recommended for all Graduate students and required by federal law for international students with a current visa status of J-1. Participation in the Lehigh Student Health Insurance plan is an option for any Graduate student who is a Lehigh registered student and actively attends class on-campus. 

NOTE: International students with a current visa status of J-1 are required by federal law to have health insurance and must provide proof of insurance to Lehigh’s Office of International Students and Scholars.

Graduate students receiving assistantship or fellowship payments through the University have the option of paying for health insurance with payroll deductions using the Student Health Insurance Payroll Deduction Form.  Forms can be found at http://financeadmin.lehigh.edu/content/payroll-forms. If you choose to enroll in the Lehigh Student Health Insurance plan, please complete an application available in the Bursar’s Office or online at www.universityhealthplans.com and submit the application along with payment or payroll deduction authorization to the Bursar’s Office. Deadline to enroll is early September for the Annual plan and late January for the Spring Plan.  Students who attend Lehigh in the Fall semester may only enroll in the Spring Semester  policy if they had previously enrolled in the Fall Semester policy. Eligible individuals may enroll after the enrollment deadlines only in the case of an eligible Qualifying Event

Coverage dates

·         Annual: August 8 - August 7

·         Fall Term: August 8 -January 9

·         Spring Term: January 9 -August 7

Deadline to enroll for Fall is early September// for Spring is late January

For more information about the health insurance coverage click here.