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Graduate Housing Application Information


To participate in the graduate housing lottery, all eligibility requirements must be met by the student.

  1. Must be a FULL-TIME graduate student or a married undergraduate student.
  2. Must not be a visiting researcher or scholar.
  3. Must be working towards a matriculating, degree-earning program.

Lottery Timeline:

There are three housing lotteries throughout the year. Below are the dates during which a student must submit their housing application to have full consideration for housing. The dates are the same every year and listed below:

Fall Lottery (move-in dates of July through September)

May 1st through May 15th: Lottery application open for fall housing (see link below)

May 16th: Lottery Numbers are posted here

May 16-20th: Housing offers are sent to students emails

May 21st: Waiting List posted  here

Winter/Spring Lottery (move-in dates of December through February)

November 1st through November 15th: Lottery application opens.

November 16th: Lottery numbers are posted

November 16-20th: Housing offers are sent to students emails

November 21st: Waitlist Begin

Summer Lottery (move-in dates of May through July)   Limited Openings***

March 1st through March 15th: Lottery application open for summer housing

March 16th: Lottery numbers are posted

March 16-20th: Housing offers are sent to students emails

No Waiting List for summer lottery

***Please note: This lottery is not open to current graduate students who are living on-campus. Students who plan to move into apartments in the summer are required to sign a contract that includes a minimum of the summer and fall semesters but can include longer. Summer only contacts are not avaliable at this time. 

Graduate Housing Application:

Click Here to Apply  (Application opens May 1st for Fall lottery)

The way the lottery works is that, after applying, a student is randomly assigned a number by a computer generated program. This is their lottery number, and will determine the order in which students are considered for offers.

On their application, students are asked to select their preferences for housing (ie: Packer vs Saucon Village, one bedroom vs three bedroom). The fewer housing options a student puts on their application, the more they limit themselves. Students with very specific requests could possibly not receive an offer despite a good lottery number.

 A student is more likely to receive an offer if they are flexible and include a first, second and third choice, etc. Keep in mind though, that a student should only apply for the types of housing they are willing to accept because if an offer is declined their application will be closed.

Accepting an Offer for an Apartment

All apartment offers are sent to the student’s email account. Students have 48 hours to respond and accept an offer for housing.  Student need to read their offer details and if accepting an offer return the paperwork to the Office of Housing Services and pay a housing deposit on-line.

Signing your lease

As your move-in date approaches, students should call the Office of Houisng Services at 610-758-3500 to schedule an hour lease signing. On the day of your lease signing, the student should come to Housing Services Office (63 University Drive- Rathbone Hall) to sign all the lease paperwork, receive your key, swipe access, and set up your PPL electric account (if applicable). During the lease signing students will be given an orientation to living in on-campus housing at Lehigh. After your lease signing, students will be able to obtain a parking permit if they have a vehicle. Students should come prepared to their lease signing with questions they have and we encourage all family and roommates to attend the appointment with the leaseholder.