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Machine Rental

If you wish to accept GoldPLUS for a fundraiser or other event, and you are not a current GoldPLUS merchant or department with a GoldPLUS reader, you may be able to rent GoldPLUS equipment, based on your affiliation with Lehigh University.

To rent GoldPLUS equipment and/or for further information, contact the department that best fits you or your group. If you do not fall under any of the categories listed below, or if you are not sure which one you do fall under, contact the GoldPLUS office.

NOTE: Certain rules and rental fees may apply, subject to individual departmental policies.

Group Contact Person Phone Email
Alumni Association   610-758-5799 inwebalm@lehigh.edu
Chaplain's Office/Religious Groups Terri Ball-Nicholas 610-758-3877 tlb311@lehigh.edu
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Rosa Guzman 610-758-4157 rmg308@lehigh.edu
Residence Life Danielle DeVito 610-758-6598 dad408@lehigh.edu
Community Service & Student Leadership Leslie Ladick 610-758-6674 ljl2@lehigh.edu
Student Activities/Clubs & Organizations Aarsenio Perry 610-758-4150 aap313@lehigh.edu
Center for Gender Equity Jeanne Kunkle 610-758-6484 inwnc@lehigh.edu
All Other Inquiries GoldPLUS Office 610-758-6169 ingold@lehigh.edu