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Outdoor Furniture Policy

The University recognizes the fact that during the warmer months of the academic year, it is an accepted practice to move indoor furniture (e.g., sofas, chairs) to outside porches and patios, so residents can enjoy the outdoors.

It is not the intent of the University to prohibit this activity (although outdoor patio furniture would be a preferable choice for outdoor use). We merely wish to eliminate the practice of leaving sofas, chairs, dining tables, etc. outside when not in use. Furniture left outside creates an unsightly view and detracts from the aesthetics of our houses. While it is permissible to move interior furniture outside, the furniture must be returned to the house when it is no longer in use. If interior furniture remains outside when not being used, especially overnight, the individual(s) will be cited with a lease violation and will be held financially responsible for the proper return of the furniture to the building by University personnel.


City of Bethlehem Ordinance

(d) No person shall place or store any furniture, materials or other similar products designed, built or manufactured exclusively for indoor living use on exterior porches, in yards or any part of the exterior of a premises. The storage or placement of automobile car seats and other non-weather resistant materials shall also be prohibited.