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Our recycling program is single stream so items do not need to be separated and can be placed together in the same bin. Recyclable materials include Plastic Containers (#1-7), Aluminum, Steel, and Tin containers, Glass Bottles and Canisters, Newspapers, Corrugated Cardboard and Boxboard, and Mixed Paper.

The following items are not recyclable: paper towels, facial and toilet tissue, plastic bags and packaging, wax-coated paper drink containers, food and wet waste, and paper, plastic, and Styrofoam serving items.


Fraternities and Sororities
To accommodate recycling from each facility by its residents, 3 blue six gallon toters will be located near each facility. Residents are asked to cooperate   with this effort by neatly placing all bagged recycling into these toters.

5 Recycling Bins have been delivered to the dining room of each house. The chapter may distribute the bins as necessary. They should be used only for recycling purposes.


Residence Halls - Traditional 
Each area has trash rooms. They typically hold three blue containers for recycling. They are emptied each weekday.

Residence Halls - Apartments
Campus Square, Trembley Park & Sayre Park
Recycling toters are available on the exterior of the building. Students are responsible for removing their own trash and recycling.