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Snow Removal

This information is for our residential students in regards to snow removal as it pertains to our residential buildings. For information about general snow removal on Lehigh's campus, please contact Facilities Services

Snow removal from walkways: Facilities Services begins snow removal once it has been determined that snow accumulation will present a hazard to the students, faculty, and staff of Lehigh University. The shoveling of pathways begins with the Academic buildings on the Asa Packer campus. Once these areas are cleared, workers will move to the surrounding residential areas, working their way up the hill. Because of this plan of action, there may be a delay before houses on the hill are attended to. For the houses on the hill, only a single door/pathway will be cleared. Typically, this is from the main door to the closest road or driveway. Other arrangements may be made with Facilities Services prior to snowfall (i.e., a house may use the back door leading to the parking lot more often than the front door to the roadway and wish to have that area cleared). Additional walks will be cleared at Facilities Services discretion, with time permitting.

Snow removal from parking lots: Plowing of parking lots in the residential areas will occur when there is significant (more than an inch) of accumulated snow on the ground. The plow will make a single pass through the parking lot and also clear out the space in front of the garbage dumpster. In circumstances where snow accumulation warrants it (12” or more), Facilities Services will specifically request the clearing of lots so that a more comprehensive removal can occur. In this situation, Facilities Services, in conjunction with Transportation and Parking Services along with Housing Services will work to notify the students in the residential areas.