Student Auxiliary Services Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

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Student Auxiliary Services (SAS) values all University students, faculty, and staff by embracing their diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences, and fosters inclusion that inspires innovation, encourages respect and promotes unlimited success. SAS fosters an environment that advocates community and equitable practices and engages our staff in establishing a culture that welcomes, learns from and celebrates differences among people.  Below you will find the primary inclusion beliefs of SAS and the action steps we will take in order to bring them to fruition.

SAS will strive to cultivate an environment in which everyone feels recognized, welcomed, and respected in all interactions w/SAS departments. 

  • Develop an orientation program to introduce new employees to Lehigh’s culture with a focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Support other areas of the University in their diversity and inclusion goals, i.e., collaborating with Student Affairs/DOS/Residence Life in diversifying the residential system on campus; Dining Services working closely with departments to offer cultural meals in the dining halls; sponsoring of student functions and events that add to the campus climate (Study Jams, DanceFest,V-Day, Black History Month, etc.)
  •  Supplement each department’s year end report with  a review  of how the various SAS departments contributed to the goal of a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Revise the SAS mission statement to reflect the value of diversity and inclusion 

SAS will develop a comprehensive approach to the recruitment, hiring, and retention of staff and student workers in support of the University’s goal of cultivating a diverse work force.            

  • Review hiring process and procedures with HR in order to ensure that hiring processes result in a diverse pool of candidates
  • Ensure employees are trained in dealing with differences in all customers, both internal and external to Lehigh by providing access to training sessions, HR resources, and staff development opportunities

SAS will provide opportunities for all staff to develop skills and knowledge regarding diversity and inclusion issues to facilitate better interactions with everyone with whom we come in contact and positively represent SAS.

  • Encourage participation in and recognize  SAS staff who participate on University wide committees
  • Review our staff development programs and include diversity/inclusion training
  • Encourage staff to participate in the F&A mentoring program
  • Identify and implement methods to encourage staff participation and attendance at campus events that facilitate intercultural and cross-cultural engagement and accelerate cultural understanding

SAS will fully embrace the “Principles of Our Equitable Community”.

  • Post the “Principles of Our Equitable Community” prominently in SAS locations.
  • Share the "Principles of Our Equitable Community” with new staff and discuss its contents annually with all SAS staff