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Fraternities and Sororities

Exterior: To accommodate trash from each facility by its residents, three six gallon toters will be located near each facility. Residents are asked to cooperate with this effort by neatly placing all bagged trash into the trash toters. If, on specific days, the trash volume exceeds the capacity of the toters, the house manager should contact Housing Services for extra pick-ups. The goal of this program is to eliminate the accumulation of trash, improve the appearance of the parking areas for each facility and to gain additional parking spaces.

Regarding grease, the proper way to dispose of grease is to pour the used grease back into the container in came in and throw it away (in the trash totes).

Interior: Trash containers are placed throughout buildings. These are emptied by the cleaning contractor on weekdays. Residents are asked to not overload trash bags and take out bags if trash is excessive.

Residence Halls-traditional halls and houses
Trash rooms are located within each building. They typically hold three containers for trash. They are emptied each weekday.

Residence Halls-apartments
Farrington Square, Sayre Park, & Trembley Park
Each apartment is provided with a trash can. Students are responsible for removing their own trash from their apartment to an outside area within the complex.