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Visit Asa's Attic!

Visit "ASA's Attic" before disposing of University assets. Your department's junk could be another department's treasure!

Or if you’re looking to sell these assets, contact Glenn Strause at ghs2@lehigh.edu for information on how Lehigh is selling surplus and saving the University on disposal costs.

With the added incentive of sharing funds back to your department!

Lehigh now collects and recycles electronic waste (e-waste) owned by Lehigh at any time throughout

the year. Faculty/staff may also bring in their unwanted personally-owned desktop, laptop, and tablet

computers for disposal.

In 2017, Lehigh recycled approximately 16 metric tons of e-waste! Contact Glenn Strause, Surplus Property Manager, via ghs2@lehigh.edu and a courier will be dispatched to your location to pickup and responsibly recycle any unwanted electronic items.

Lehigh offers short-term and long-term storage solutions, secure storage for records and important documents, as well as secure shredding services.

For more information on these services, please contact Glenn Strause at ghs2@lehigh.edu. or visit ASA's Attic site.