Deposit Transmittal

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Deposit Transmittal Instruction Page

When submitting checks for deposit, please include an adding machine listing which agrees to the total checks shown on the transmittal.

The “Source of Deposit” information is used in the Banner Description line. Banner has specific space limitations in the description field. There are only 34 spaces available -- The Bursar's Office needs 4 spaces to identify the transaction leaving only 30 spaces available to identify your “Source of Deposit”.

The “Description of Deposit” section is mainly for your benefit. However, this information is sometimes valuable when doing research for a specific item by the Bursar, Controller and Audit Offices.

The “Accounts to be credited” section must always be completed. You are directing us at the Bursar's Office to deposit funds into YOUR index. Please be sure that the amount credited to your index agrees to the total of your deposit transmittal. Banner requires 2 sets of numbers; 6 digits for the index number and 5 digits for the account code. 

If you would like a receipt for your deposit, please send the original transmittal along with a copy. We will place an identifying number on your copy along with the date your account(s) were credited. The copy will be returned to you.


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