Budget Office

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Office Location

618 Brodhead Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Staff Contacts

Warren J. Loller
610.758.5097   |   wjl2@lehigh.edu
Budget process & policies, University annual budget, multi-year strategic financial planning model, and other budget models for special needs.

Michael J. Weaver
Associate Director
610.758.5238   |   miw6@lehigh.edu
Academic and Non-Academic programs and accounts. Auxiliary Services. Revenue and Expense budgets, transfers, and specific one-time allocations. Budget amendments. Month End Reports. Review of indexes by groups or units.

Walter Conway
Assistant Director of Finance & Administration Systems
610.758.5013   |   wac2@lehigh.edu

Responsible for evaluating university department and end-user needs for financial information, reporting, and training, developing appropriate tools, and providing training and documentation to address these needs. https://financeadmin.lehigh.edu/fasystems

Brooke A. Zellers
Senior Budget Analyst
610.758.4405   |   baz316@lehigh.edu
Specific expense budget questions and amendments. Develop & analyze data to support financial forecasting. Plant fund budgets.

Accounting Coordinator
610.758.4204   |   @lehigh.edu
Scheduling. General inquiries. New position numbers. Salary/Wage budgets. Specific questions concerning positions and payroll-related concerns. Questions relating to budget amendments.