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Lab Store

Lab Store 

Sharon Zurick
Laboratory Store
Seeley G. Mudd Building Room 134
6 East Packer Avenue
Phone: 610-758-3483
Fax: 610-758-0737

Hours of service: 9am to 11:50am and 1pm to 3:50pm, Monday through Friday.

Click Here for Lab store inventory list

The University-operated storeroom stocks and furnishes laboratory chemicals, apparatus, and laboratory supplies. The inventory includes over 400 commonly used items. Walk up customers unfamiliar to the Lab Store will require the presentation of a University ID card prior to conducting a sales transaction. Many commonly used items are available immediately without having to place an order and wait for delivery of a product.

Lab Managers that require essential supplies or students to wear lab coats can provide a list for the amount and sizes required a month prior to the start of the semester.

For any new Laboratory "startup programs," a list of Scientific Sales Representatives is available by contacting the Lab Store.

Preferred Scientific Suppliers that provide the University with contract pricing are:

  • Fisher
  • Sigma
  • Thomas
  • VWR
  • Gas cylinder and welding supplies:
    • Airgas
    • Praxair

All gas cylinders should be ordered with one of the above listed contracted suppliers to ensure proper return and disposal.

Orders are submitted on a Blanket Order Release Form to the Lab Store.  The Lehigh account number and authorized signature of the index executive is a requirement before materials can be acquired.  The dollar amount limit for each Blanket Order is $5,000.

Special request for under graduate essentials (lab coats, safety goggles) require a 4-6 week prior notification to insure availability.

If you require information on a "New Lab Start Up Program," special request, or price quote, a list of sales representatives may be provided upon request.

Chemical Waste Disposal is provided twice a year.  Check with Environmental Health and Safety for the schedule of pick up dates.

An approval is required through the EH&S Department for any chemicals on "A Chemical List of Interest" and "Toxic and Pyrophoric Gases List" before submission.  This list is available by contacting the Lab Store or EH&S

WB Mason - Office Supplier

For new employees requiring access to order supplies, the following information is required to set up your profile:  Name, Address, Department, Email, Index/Indexes for supplies being charged.

Keurig Coffee Makers are supplied free of charge as long as you order their K-cups.  A "Beverage Service Agreement" form is required and available by contacting Sharon Zurick at shz3.  Water Coolers are also available for rental.

Coffee/Water Service Call tickets are available on the Purchasing website listed under "Faculty and Staff" to request service with issues relating to Keurig's or coolers.

Report any changes in shipping addresses/indexes.

Recycle boxes for empty K-cups are available for pickup in Purchasing Services or Lab Store.

Any questions or concerns relating to WB Mason should be directed to Sharon Zurick at shz3.