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OneCard Student & Adjunct Reimbursements

Effective immediately - May 2019, the students, adjuncts and visiting employees will no longer be able to fill out the reimbursement form and take it to the bank.  Everything will now go through the OneCard system.  The students will have Out of Pocket reimbursement accounts.   When the faculty know a student will need reimbursing, the faculty/staff will fill out the Request form and have the student sign the user agreement.  Those two forms will then be scanned and emailed to Brenda Bachman.   When Brenda creates the Wells Fargo account, the student will receive two secure emails directly from Wells Fargo.  One email will contain the company ID and user name, the other email will contain the temporary password.  The student needs to use that information, log into the system, change their temporary password and enter their bank information.  The next day after receiving their two secure emails from Wells Fargo, the student can go in and enter their transaction(s) for reimbursement.  The student will enter the date, the category, the amount, the description, etc.  

The student OOP cycles will end weekly - every Friday.  The student have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to finalize their statement - ensure the descriptions are accurate and correct, upload their receipts and click their statement review button.  The approver will have Tuesday to approve the student's statement.  The student will then get reimbursement via direct deposit into whatever personal bank account they entered into the system that same Thursday or Friday.

When filling out the request form, it is suggested that the primary approver be the person responsible for the index number (department or grant) - they must be financial manager or authorized signer on that index number.  

If a grant index number is to be charged, the student/adjunct approval form must be completed and attached as part of the student’s receipts.  

The request form and user agreement will need to be completed only once per student.  If they have multiple reimbursements throughout the year, they will log in with the same credentials they established in the beginning and enter their transactions for reimbursement.


Student Request Form
tudent User Agreement
tudent/Adjunct Approval Form
tudent Maintenance Form