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Real Estate Services is responsible for managing all aspects of the University's real estate operations within the framework provided by the University’s master plan, including the acquisition, leasing, development and disposition of real estate as well as oversight of property management vendors.

Services include:

Acquisition, Leasing, & Disposition

Real Estate Services manages the acquisition, leasing and disposition of real estate in an effort to meet the priorities outlined in the University’s master plan.

Facilitating property acquisition requires completion of appropriate due diligence, including reports to address valuation, property survey, and title and environmental conditions.

Real Estate Services negotiates the terms of all purchase agreements, secures title insurance and coordinates requisite approvals. 

Property Management

Real Estate Services oversees property management for all space leased by Lehigh. Management of this portfolio requires an cooperative tenant and owner relations, financial budgeting, expense control and all other operational aspects of the property.

Real Estate Services conducts routine site inspections of Lehigh Real Estate to ensure that the properties are properly maintained. Problems with these properties are corrected or repaired through the University or qualified outside contractors consistent with the terms of the leases.

Additional Services Include:

  • Property Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Property Tours
  • Reporting

Please contact us for assistance in any of these or other related areas. We are here as a resource to help answer your questions and to guide real estate transactions through the appropriate policies, procedures, and approvals.