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How to Access Your Bursar Account Instructions

Lehigh students can now access their Bursar accounts online 24/7 either through:

  • e-Bill (https://go.lehigh.edu/ebill) - click on the link to access your account information or pay your bill online. Use your Lehigh Credentials (username and password) to log in.
  • Lehigh Portal click on the link and enter your Lehigh Credentials (username and password). Once you log on then click on the BANNER.
  • Registrar's Office Secure Login click on the link and enter your Registration User ID and PIN


Once you have logged in successfully, select the following links:

  • Student Services
  • Student Bursar Office Records

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From this point on, you can select:

  • View Holds:  View the reason why your Bursar account has been placed on hold
  • Account Summary by Term:  View a summary of charges and payments posted to your Bursar account
  • Select Tax Year & Tax Notification:  View your 1098T starting from 2003