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Benefits of Using Lehigh Transit

  • Parking is often not available in close proximity locations. Finding a parking space and walking to your class, meeting, or office will most times take longer.
  • The approximate time between buses at all bus stops will be 10 minutes.​ If you use the bus.lehigh.edu tracking website, this could be 0 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • The transit system is designed to surround the interior ‘car-free’ area proposed. This allows bus stops within easy and closer walking distance than most parking facilities. It allows you the option to get off at stops and walk down the hill, instead of up.
  • Parking facilities within the interior of campus are being eliminated for the Car-Free Zone. Consider the distance you will need to walk to your car from your office and then consider the distance from your office to the nearest bus stop. Which one takes less time? ​
  • How long does it take for you to drive from the 5th floor to the entrance of  parking garage?
  • Consider the safety impact for pedestrians and environmental benefits of using transit.