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Air Conditioning at Saucon Village

Saucon Village Air Conditioned Apartments

Apartments that are air conditioned will have their units maintained by Lehigh's Facilities Services two times a year. Any concerns should be reported to Facilities Services via a work order or by calling 610-758-3940.

Saucon Village Un-air Conditioned Apartments

Air conditioners can be installed in un-air conditioned Saucon Village apartments. The resident should purchase a window air conditioner (maximum BTU permitted is 8000 in living rooms, 5000 in bedrooms, and 6500 in efficiencies). Students should contact Facilities Services at 610-758-3940 to submit a request for installation. There is an installation fee of $35.00/unit and includes removal when you leave. All installations will be completed within one week of the request and requests should be submitted as early as possible.