All Gender Housing

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Lehigh University offers all gender housing to support our ongoing commitment to developing environments that are welcoming and inclusive. All gender housing also supports the University’s non-discrimination policy with respect to sexual orientation, sex, gender, and gender identity with the intent of creating a more comfortable living environment and on-campus home for our students.

All gender housing is an option for all undergraduate students who are eligible for university housing. This may include those who identify as transgender, non-binary, or are questioning their gender identity. All gender housing also decreases heteronormative assumptions regarding housing assignments. Students who wish to have a roommate of a different gender have the option to do so in all gender housing as opposed to single-gender housing.

All gender housing is provided in traditional style housing for first year students and suite/apartment style housing for upperclass students. Students must mutually request roommates and/or suitemates and select an apartment together during the lottery process in the spring semester. 

If a vacancy occurs during the year, the current resident is encouraged to find a new roommate to fill the vacancy. If that is not possible, we will work with the current students on the waiting list to identify the best solution, ideally placing someone into the space who has requested all gender housing. The University does reserve the right to assign the room as a single-gender space in a situation where housing is needed for people on the waiting list and no other single-gender space is available.


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