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Asbestos in University Buildings

The university works with a consulting firm with extensive experience in asbestos abatement to conduct asbestos surveys of buildings on campus. A comprehensive asbestos management program has been developed that involves the cooperation of building occupants, inspections of areas where asbestos is likely to be found and control work where needed. This control work involves sealing the material or removing it as necessary.

As part of our ongoing management program, periodic inspections of buildings are conducted to identify where potential problems exist. In most cases, asbestos is a problem only when it becomes airborne. Pipe insulation that is in good condition will not easily release asbestos into the air. However, a release may occur if the asbestos-containing material is disturbed. The inspections are made to identify areas where asbestos-containing building materials have deteriorated because of disturbance, water, penetration or other means.

What you can do to help

To prevent damage to the asbestos-containing building materials that may still be present, please
refrain from the following:

■ disturbing pipe wrapping
■ affixing items such as plant holders, lights, posters, banners, etc. to the pipe wrapping
■ storing books or boxes on shelves located near the wrapped pipe
■ throwing or hitting balls, playing Frisbee, spraying liquids, etc. in hallways or rooms

It is important that any type of damaged asbestos-containing material be reported to the Facilities Services Department at (610) 758-3941. Reported damage will be inspected and appropriate action will be taken.