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Damage Review for Residence Halls

One of the primary purposes of the damage billing system is to focus residents' attention on the need to secure and preserve the physical environment and to accept responsibility for the governance of the residence hall. It is imperative that residents be concerned with the safety and care of University property that is placed in individual student rooms and public areas.

Charges should be assigned to individual(s) for the following:

  1. Misuse, abuse, or accidental damage of property that requires repair, replacement, or other corrective measures.
  2. Deliberate or malicious damage.
  3. Loss or theft of University property.

While common damages will not be posted to student accounts on a regular basis; Housing Services reserves the right to post common damages for excessive damage (quantity or cost) that occur within a residential facility.

Student Damage Summary and Billing Procedures

Student damage is repaired by maintenance personnel via a work order. ­The total charge reflects the material cost and labor cost of the particular student damage repair.

Responsibilities for costs of damages are assigned on a bi-semester basis. An itemized list containing the location, description of damage, material cost, labor cost and initial assigned charge is prepared and distributed to the Residence Life staff members. Residence Life staff members are required to inform their residents of the contents on the Damage Summary by posting the summary on each floor and by discussing at floor meetings.

Twice a semester (at the middle and end of each) a summary of possible student damage is prepared and distributed to building staff or House Managers who provide the summary to the residents.

Work Order Costs and Estimates

Damages are billed after the work it is complete during the semester. This allows for the student to be billed for the actual cost of repair. At the end of each semester, work order costs are estimated so that billing occurs in a timely manner. Cost estimates used for the previous end of the year billing are provided at the end of this section.

Charging Individuals for Damages
If an individual (or group of people) is responsible for a damage, please submit a Chargeback Form to Housing Services.
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To appeal a potential damage charge (individual or common), you must submit your explanation in writing to Housing Services within 10 business days of notification of the potential charge.
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