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F&A Mentoring Program


We are pleased to launch the Fall 2020 F&A Mentoring Program!

Our mentoring program is clearly aligned with one of Lehigh’s primary strategic plan goals: investing in faculty and staff.  This initiative operates in concert with Lehigh’s core values of collaboration, commitment to excellence, and leadership.  The purpose of the program is to foster the professional development of our staff members and to share critical information and skills. Requirements: 

          1. The mentor and mentee must be mutually committed to a beneficial mentoring relationship
          2. They must commit to a trusting relationship and confidentiality between participants
          3. Mentors will not be the direct supervisor of the mentee

Mentoring Program FAQ

The program is open to all exempt and non-exempt staff members in our stem. If you are interested in participating, please complete the mentor/mentee form by October 9, 2020:

Yes, I would like to be a mentor/mentee

The information in the form will be used to "pair" mentors and mentees. 

In late October, a member of the F&A mentoring group will contact participants who will have the opportunity to approve their respective pairings. Please obtain approval from your supervisor to participate in the mentoring program after your pairing is confirmed. 

Participants will sign a confidentiality agreement and will be contacted to join a Mentoring Luncheon/Orientation (program launch

Mentoring program .

If you have any questions, please contact of the following mentor program group members:

Jane Altemose, Tarah Cicero, Linda Lefever, Katy Kresge or Ann Marie Mulhearn