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Exempt and nonexempt faculty and staff, both full and part-time, may purchase an annual permit for parking. These permits will be valid for up to one year from the time of issuance until November 30th. Although, the fee is levied on an annual basis, it will be deducted from each regular paycheck over the course of the fiscal year. Faculty and staff parking fees will be based on the individual's annual salary as budgeted for the fiscal year and will not include consideration of overtime or additional compensation.

Annual Salary, Annual Fee

Less than $20,000 - $24.00

At least $20,000 and less than $40,000 - $48.00

At least $40,000 and less than $60,000 - $72.00

At least $60,000 - $96.00


  • Payment by payroll deduction protects the confidentiality of salary information, reduces clerical effort and administrative expenses and streamlines the registration process, thus helping to maintain lower parking fees.

  • Payroll deduction is required for most salaried, full and part time, faculty and staff requesting a parking permit. Payroll deduction will start at the time the parking permit is issued.

  • The parking fee for faculty/staff will be deducted, in equal amounts, from each regular paycheck during the fiscal year. As an example, if a staff member receives two (2) paychecks per month, or twenty-four (24) per year, one twenty-fourth of the annual fee will be deducted from each paycheck. If a staff member receives one (1) paycheck each month for twelve (12) months of the year, one-twelfth of the annual fee will be deducted from each paycheck.

  • The parking fee for faculty will also be deducted from each regular paycheck during the fiscal year, however, the amounts may not be equal unless the faculty member receives a paycheck every month.

  • For faculty receiving their annual salary over a period less than twelve months, the annual fee will be divided by twelve (12) to determine the standard monthly deduction. During months when the faculty member does not receive a regular paycheck, the portion of the fee due that month will be accrued and deducted from the next paycheck received. This method of deduction is similar to that used for deductions of employee contributions to flexible benefits.

  • Once a Payroll Deduction Authorization has been signed, it will remain in effect until the faculty or staff member has given thirty (30) days written notice of his/her desire to cancel the authorization. Prior to cancellation, all outstanding fees and fines will be deducted.

  • In cases where both spouses are employed by the University, each may purchase a permit at his/her qualifying rate, or one permit may be purchased for use by both. In the latter case, the annual permit fee will be assessed to the spouse with the higher annual salary.

  • Retired faculty and staff are eligible for a parking permit at no charge, provided they receive no compensation from the University, other than normal retirement compensation during the course of the year. In cases where additional compensation is received from the University, a parking permit must be purchased by paying the annual fee based upon annual compensation, in advance of a permit being issued.

  • Part-time, wage employees may pay for parking on a daily basis or purchase an annual parking permit for $20/semester, payable in advance. 

  • Adjunct faculty are required to pay for parking by purchasing an annual permit at a fee based upon annual compensation, by parking at a parking meter and paying the meter rate, or by parking in the Zoellner Arts Center parking garage and paying the applicable fee.