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Q: How should I address mail or a package to a mailbox at the Mail Center?
A: Below is a sample of how to format your address on packages and mail.

Your Name
Lehigh University
Box #### (your mailbox number)
4 Farrington Square
Bethlehem, PA 18015

It is important that you DO NOT put P.O. before the box number. This will redirect all mail to the local post office, not Lehigh University.

Q: I have received an e-mail that I have mail/packages. What do I do?
A: Simply visit the Mail Center and approach one of the kiosks across from the main counter.

Q: Once at the Mail Center, how do I pick up my mail/packages?
A: Swipe your Lehigh ID at one of the kiosks and select whether you want to pick up your mail/package now OR pick it up later. Please select cancel to pick up later. If you select to pick up your mail/package now, our staff will be notified through our automated system and your mail/package will be brought to you at the counter. IMPORTANT: Please have your Lehigh ID ready for verification. Don't forget! We can recycle your packaging materials for you!

Q: Can I ship a package at the Mail Center?
A: Yes. We offer the following shipping options: USPS/Certified Mail, FedEx, UPS.

Q: Can I mail a package at your location if I am not a Lehigh student or employee?
A: Absolutely! Stop in today to ship a package, purchase packing supplies, pick up a pack of stamps and more.

Q: As a Lehigh graduate student, can I receive mail at the Mail Center?
A: Absolutely, graduate students can rent mail boxes. You'll still get convenient e-mail notifications and your mail and packages will be kept secure at all times. Please contact the Mail Center to learn more or to rent your mailbox today!

Q: Do you sell stamps?
A: Yes. We sell "Forever" stamps, first class stamps, postcard stamps, and international stamps.

Q: Do you sell shipping supplies?
A: Yes, we sell supplies such as boxes, tape and sharpies for your packaging convenience. We also provide a packing service. For a flat fee, we'll package up your items for you. This service includes a box, packing materials, and the assembly. Shipping and mailing fees not included in flat fee.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, major credit cards and GoldPlus.

Q: Do you print posters?
A: Yes. We can print sizes up to 11" x 17", on 20 lb. paper only.

For additional printing services, please call 8-5407, or e-mail inpri@lehigh.edu, and our friendly staff at Mountaintop Printing and Mailing Services will be happy to assist you.