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1. Where does the money generated from permit sales and parking fines go?

The revenue generated from permit sales and parking fines goes directly to fund parking lot and garage maintenance, and the enhancement of parking services. Our campus has grown significantly since students began bringing cars to campus, and so it’s important that we maintain safe and suitable parking options.

Examples from past years include:

  • Expanded online services such as go.lehigh.edu/parking (where you can now purchase a permit, appeal a citation, pay a citation, and manage your parking services account online)

  • Expanded hours in the Parking Office (Now open during lunch during the fall and spring semesters!)

  • Meters with Ten Minute Free buttons and reloadable SMARTcards

  • Extensive seal-coating and repaving on all campuses to improve safety of lots

  • Increased and improved signage and line-painting to decrease parking ambiguity

  • Resurfaced thirteen fraternity and sorority lots in the last three years

​2. What impacts the cost of a Lehigh parking permit?

Our campus has grown significantly since students began bringing cars to campus, and the permit rates allow us to continue to provide safe, suitable parking options. As the campus grows and demand for spots and lots increases, our permit fees must also increase. Permit fees aim to balance the supply and demand of parking spots throughout campus, as well as help fund parking maintenance. The permit fees are reinvested into improving current parking options, maintaining parking lots and structures, and managing the administrative side of Parking Services.

Lehigh's permit rates and parking fines are among the lowest throughout Lehigh Valley campuses. A permit to park by your residence is about $60.00 a month for students.

Students also have access to Lehigh's bus service, some of which is funded by parking fees, for no additional cost. There are even special bus routes that take students to places outside of campus like the Lehigh Valley Mall and Wal-Mart. First year students and those who don't have vehicles on campus can also take advantage of Lehigh's car sharing service, provided by Enterprise CarShare. Ride sharing is also now available through Zimride at www.zimride.com/lehigh.

3. Why are parking tickets given and what impacts the cost of a parking ticket?

By enforcing parking on Lehigh’s campus, we ensure that there are adequate spaces available for faculty, staff, students, and visitors who have registered their vehicles and/or paid for their parking. When people park on campus illegally, it means someone with a valid permit loses out on a space. Our parking fees discourage violations, but they also assist in subsidizing the maintenance of our parking lots and parking structures, our roadways, and our Parking Services office. The safety of our students and the Lehigh community is our number one concern, and proper maintenance is crucial to achieving safe and suitable parking options.

If you are planning to have a car on campus, please note that citations can be avoided by registering your vehicle and parking in your designated area. An off-campus commuter parking permit is only $48.00 and allows you to park your car overnight on Mountaintop Campus. This is a cost effective way of having a car on campus and avoiding the fees associated with doing so illegally, which will result in a $50.00 fine.

View complete list of violations and fines

4. Can parking tickets be paid on-line?

Yes. Please visit go.lehigh.edu/parking to appeal a ticket, pay a ticket, or to manage your parking services account.

5. What if I only need a parking permit for the fall semester?

You would need to purchase a permit for the Academic Year and pay the appropriate fee. However, should you find that you do not need your permit for the second semester; you may return it for a pro-rated refund less a service fee of $5.00. You must return the permit by December 31.

6. Where and when can a student park?

We have procedures in place for undergraduate studentsgraduate students (including RA/TA/GA’s),faculty/staff, and visitors. Note that all parking is on a first come first serve basis. 

All students with valid parking permits (including commuter) may park:

  • In the student commuter parking lot located on Mountaintop Campus at all times
  • In unreserved faculty/staff parking areas Monday through Friday 4:00 pm – 6:00 am and all day on weekends
  • At meters around campus.

7. What are the qualifications for an RA/GA/TA parking permit?

  • You should be on the list submitted by the Dean’s Office.
  • You should have a work assignment of at least 20 hours per week as verified by the Dean’s Office.
  • Your primary work location/department location should be on the ASA Packer campus.
  • Those with dual work locations will be issued Commuter permits and should use the Mountaintop Bus Service to commute between facilities before 4:00 PM. After 4:00 PM, Commuter permits are valid for any non-reserved faculty/staff parking space.
  • Your local residence (residence while you are attending Lehigh) should not be in the GREEN ZONE. This includes South Bethlehem bounded by Wyandotte Street to the west and Hayes Street to the east. Proof of address, as indicated below, is required.
  • Saucon Village residents are not issued RGT permits as they are already allowed to park in the ZAC garage.

8. I live off-campus and there is not enough parking for everyone who lives in my house. Can I park on campus overnight?

You may obtain an off-campus commuter parking permit which allows parking on the Mountaintop campus at any time, including overnight. Overnight parking is not allowed on the Asa Packer campus except for students with valid residential parking permits, who may park ONLY in their assigned residential parking areas.

All students with valid parking permits (including commuter) may park in the student commuter parking lot located on Mountaintop Campus at all times and in unreserved faculty/staff parking areas Monday through Friday 4:00 pm – 6:00 am and all day on weekends.

9. Does a visitor need a parking permit over the weekend?

Yes. Permits may be obtained by going to the Parking Services office. If you are unable to obtain the permit prior to your arrival, visitors may park at and pay any of the parking meters located throughout the campus. Meters can be paid using the Passport Mobile App, SmartCards, or coins.  Visitors may also park in the Zoellner Arts Center parking garage, level 1 at $1/hour.  Please park in one of the 50 spaces, make note of the space number, and proceed to the Pay by Space kiosk located on level 1 next to the elevator.  Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Spaces may also be paid for using the Passport Mobile App.

​10. What is your refund policy?

RETURNED PARKING PERMITS: Students will be issued a refund if the permit is physically returned as follows:

  • If permit is returned on Day 1 through Day 5 of classes, your refund will be the cost of your permit minus $10.
  • If permit is returned on Day 6 through Day 10 of classes, your refund will be 50% of the cost of your permit minus $5.
  • If permit is returned by December 31, your refund will be 50% of the cost of your permit minus $5.

The refund is issued by the Bursar after the Parking Services office processes student charges and credits (typically on a weekly basis).

RETURNED SMARTCARDS: Amount remaining on the card x 80% - $5

11. What do I need to obtain a parking permit?

  • A state-issued motor vehicle registration
  • Lehigh ID
  • Payment

*RA/GA/TA’s also need to show proof of residency (current copy of your lease or current utility bill). AND confirmation of your status from the Dean's office of your College*

12. Do enforcement fine amounts increase over time?

Parking ticket prices remain the same until paid. You may pay your ticket online at go.lehigh.edu/parking. You may also pay at the Parking Services office, or at the Bursar's Office.

If not paid within ten days, the fine amount is transferred to your bursar bill and is then subject to the payment policies and requirements issued by that office.

13. How long does it take to get a reply once I have filed a Parking Appeal?

The Parking Appeals Committee meets weekly and reviews appeals in the order they are received. Although the exact amount of time to receive an answer depends on the volume of appeals, please allow at least 12-14 business days.

The appeals committee consists of Lehigh students, faculty, and staff members. You may appeal tickets online at: go.lehigh.edu/parking

14. Do you have a map for on-campus parking?

    Parking Map

    15. What happens to a First Year student if he/she is caught with a vehicle on campus?

    First year students risk losing their parking privileges for subsequent years in addition to a minimum $75.00 penalty per instance.

    16. Who is classified as a First Year student?

    A First Year student, for purposes of determining eligibility to obtain a parking permit, is a person who is attending college for the first time, or a person who has not yet achieved sophomore academic standing.

    17. Can I reserve parking spots for attendees of an event I am holding on campus?

    This is subject to availability, please contact Brett Johnson at (610)758-5418 or brj214@lehigh.edu for more information.