Housing Placement List for Second Year Housing Selection

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Our housing process allows for a percentage of vacancies which will arise across our housing stock from study abroad, transfers, academic dismissals, etc. over the course of the next several months. This does mean that there is a small number of students who do not initially select housing in the process. However these students (that's you) who are able to preference buildings across campus, many times getting placed into one of their building of preference. This is similar to how other institutions run their housing processes as well. We will have vacancies throughout our housing system in apartment, suite, and traditional style. In some ways being on the placement list can give you better options than selecting toward the end of the process as that limits building choices. Students on the Placement list are given housing before any room changes or students on the housing waiting list are housed. Over the course of May and early June Housing Services collect spaces that open for the various reasons above and then reach out to those on the Placement list to work directly with them regarding their housing

Students who are unable to select housing during the Housing Process are added to the Housing Placement List in selection time order to receive a housing assignment.  All second year students are guaranteed housing and will be housed on campus as spaces become available.

Placement List Application; Applications; Placement List (Fall 2023)
Here is what you will see on the application:
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  • Are there any people/friends you'd like to live near/with?
  • Do you prefer a single room/bedroom?
  • Which of these (building, friends, single) are the most important for us to consider when working on your housing assignment?

​Page 2

  • What buildings would you prefer (up to 5)
Applications should be completed by May 10, 2023.

Housing assignments will be made by mid June.