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Insurance Information

Lehigh University's Transportation Services works diligently with the Risk Management office to provide adequate insurance coverage to protect you, your passengers, and the University while traveling.

Transportation Services serves as your primary source for a vehicle when departing from the University or your place of residence in the Lehigh Valley. Our office can be reached at (610) 758-4410. If you need a vehicle while out of town, you should contact Travel Leaders at 1-866-502-1924. Travel Leaders has information on preferred vendors and preferred rates for Lehigh related travel.

When a personally-owned vehicle is used in the course of University business, the owner's insurance is always primary. As the University's insurance is secondary, the operation of a personally-owned vehicle, including who qualifies as an authorized driver, is subject to all the rules, regulations, and procedures applicable to a University vehicle. Deductibles and other expenses not covered by the owner's personal policy will not be reimbursed by the University.