Laundry (Taylor)

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       The laundry room for Taylor is located on the first floor of the building in the B wing.

Lehigh provides and maintains Maytag computer-track washers and dryers. The cost is $1.75 to wash ($2.00 for superwash) and $1.25 to dry. Washers and dryers can be operated by using GoldPLUS or by using coins. 


Laundry Problems? Report any laundry machine issue.

Contact Housing Services with questions or concerns.


   Laundry Alert  is available in the Taylor building.

This service allows residents to go online to see where machines are available or in use, see how much longer the machines will be in use, or receive an e-mail notification when your laundry is complete.

To access this information visit and enter the following sign in code: lu1473.