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Mailing and Shipping Services

Student Mail Info

The Mail Center serves as the post office for Lehigh University students. Students can pick up their mail and packages during our store hours.

How to address your mail and packages:

Below is a sample of how to format your address on packages and mail.

Your Name
Lehigh University
Box #### (your mailbox number)
4 Farrington Square
Bethlehem, PA 18015

It is important that you DO NOT put P.O. before the box number. This will redirect all mail to the local post office, not Lehigh University.

To pick up a packages and letter mail:

  • Students will receive an e-mail notification when a package or letter mail arrives for them.
  • Once you receive a notification, simply visit the Mail Center and approach one of the kiosks across from the main counter.
  • Swipe your Lehigh ID and select whether you want to pick up your package/mail now OR pick it up later. Please select cancel to pick up later.
  • If you select to pick up your package now, our staff will be notified through our automated system and your package will be brought to you at the counter. IMPORTANT: Please have your Lehigh ID ready for verification.
  • Don’t forget, we can recycle your packaging materials for you!

Mailbox Rentals for Graduate Students:

We offer mailbox rentals for all Lehigh graduate students! Enjoy the same convenience and security that you did as an undergraduate by renting a mailbox through the Mail Center. Contact us to learn more or to rent a mailbox today!

General Mail Services

  • First Class Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Return Receipt
  • Priority Mai
  • Insured Mail
  • Express Mail
  • Stamps
  • Campus mail pick-up

General Shipping Services

  • USPS/Certified Mail
  • FedEx
  • UPS