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Maintenance Reporting Procedures in Graduate Housing

As a renter, you are not permitted to make any upgrades or repairs to your apartment; however preventative maintenance is the shared responsibility of the University and the resident. There are many things you can do to prevent maintenance issues:

  • Condensation is the formation of water droplets on walls and ceilings that may occur when air that has a high relative humidity content (high in absorbed moisture) comes in contact with a chilled or cool surface. If this occurs over an extended period of time, mildew may form on the surface. These techniques will help to reduce condensation:
    • In bedrooms and living rooms, keep heat on during cold months.
    • In kitchens, consider opening a window when cooking.
    • In bathrooms, be sure to run the ventilation fan while showering at for at least 10 minutes after showering.
  • Drains and sinks should not be used for food disposal. Food waste must go out in the trash because there are not garbage disposals in sinks. Letting food go down the drains will cause clogs.
  • Use trivets under anything hot on the kitchen counter and sink to avoid burn marks. Use a cutting board when using a knife to avoid cut marks.
  • Laundry equipment works best if the machines are not overloaded. Lay clothes loosely in the washer, and fill to just below the top of the agitator. Also, follow the instructions on your detergent regarding the amount of soap to add. These guidelines will help clothes to move around the washer and dryer appropriately for proper cleaning.
  • Windows can be opened with a crank. Do not push the window open past where the crank will open it.

Any maintenance concerns should be reported to the Office of Facilities by calling 610-758-3940 or by placing a request online at the following site:

Submit a Work Order Request

For after hours maintenance, please view ourĀ  Emergency Maintenance page