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The OneCard is a VISA card, issued by Wells Fargo and used by Lehigh University staff and faculty to purchase small-dollar items for University use.  The authorized cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of Lehigh University, thereby allowing tax-exempt use when providing the sales tax exempt certificate.  Transactions are paid directly by the University to the bank.

Use of the OneCard is governed by the OneCard Policy and the Travel and Business Expense Policy.


  • In order to obtain a OneCard or a reimbursement only (OOP) account, a OneCard Request Form must be completed and forwarded to Purchasing Services
  • While your request is being processed, you can watch the training tutorial and take the quiz
  • Any changes that need to be made to your account must be done via a OneCard maintenance form, completed and forwarded to Purchasing Services
  • Overlay the Google OneCard calendar to be aware of all the important OneCard dates - Reviews and approvals of statement MUST be completed by the required due dates
  • OneCard transactions are uploaded into the University’s Banner system so that OneCard spend can be seen through the index budgets


OneCard cardholders and approvers must complete the required training to ensure they understand how to use and safeguard the OneCards.

Contact OneCard Administrators:

Brenda Bachman
bkb204 or 83266

Nick Rose
nar515 or 82987