Packer House Community Guidelines

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These guidelines apply to all residents living in Packer House. This is an overview of living in the Packer House community and the expectations. For the purpose of this document common areas are referred to all spaces that are not bedrooms.

-          Cabinets:

o   All personal items should be stored in your marked cabinets

o   Any personal items that are not stored inside cabinets will be confiscated

o   All personal cabinets should be closed

o   Cabinets that are labeled community cabinets can be used by all residents

o   Storage of personal items in other cabinets spaces is not permitted

-          Refrigerator and Freezer Space

o   All food items need to be stored in your assigned bin

o   Food that is not in your assigned bin will be discarded immediately

-          Dishwasher

o   Any personal items left in dishwasher will be removed

o   Place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher to clean

o   Clean and remove items immediately when finished

-          Community cooking items that are university owned

o   These items can be used by all residents and are located in the areas labeled “Community Counter” or “Community Cabinets”

o   Clean items after use

o   Put items back in community storage area when clean

-          Stove/Oven

o   Make sure stove and oven are turned off after use

o   Do not leave food unattended while cooking

o   Stove and oven are not for personal storage

-          Cooking Guidelines

o   Cook safely and never leave food unattended

o   Clean up after yourself including stove, microwave, oven, counters, and sinks

o   Take out trash and put in new bags as needed or on the weekend when cleaning staff is not in the building

o   All food items should be stored in cabinets or fridge/freezer

o   Appliances that do not fit inside your cabinet can be stored in your room as long as they are cleaned, unplugged and there is no evidence of being used in the room.

-          Dining Rooms

o   All personal items should be cleaned up after use

o   Wipe down tables when finished

o   Any personal items left in the dining room will be removed

-          Laundry Room

o   Follow all guidelines posted in the room

o   Any personal items left in laundry room will be removed

-          Bathroom(s)

o   All personal items should be stored in your apartment or in cubbies provided  

o   Any personal items left in the bathroom or on bathroom hooks will be removed

-          Lounges

o   Personal items should not be left in lounge spaces

o   Any personal items left lounges will be removed