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Students must authorize their parents to be able to view GoldPLUS balances, view statements, and add GoldPLUS by charging the student’s Bursar account.
They should do this:
•    Go to connect.lehigh.edu
•    Enter username & password and click “Connect”
•    Click “Banner”
•    Click “Student Services”
•    Click “Parent Access”
•    Check “Yes” next to GoldPLUS and submit


  •     Go to connect.lehigh.edu
  •     Enter username & password and click “Connect”
  •     Click “Parent Access”
  •     Click “Display GoldPLUS Balance” (if not authorized, you will not see this option)
  •     At the bottom of this page are two links:
  1.     Add GoldPLUS funds via Bursar Account Charge - click on this to submit a request to add funds to the student’s GoldPLUS account and having it charged to the Bursar account; you and the student will receive an email confirmation of your request; when the GoldPLUS office processes your request, you and the student will receive an Approval email to let you know the funds have been added & are ready for use; the Bursar office will bill you at a later date for any charges.
  2.     Add GoldPLUS funds via Credit/Debit Card (or go to get.cbord.com/lehighu) - click on this to go to the GET Lehigh University page; under "Parents, Guardians or Other Relatives," click on "Click Here to Deposit into a GoldPLUS Account"; enter the student's LIN (Lehigh Identification Number) and Last Name and click Continue; follow the steps (Add Funds, Confirmation, Finished) and the funds will be added to the GoldPLUS account immediately.


•    Credit/Debit Card: Online Deposit; $20 minimum plus convenience fee (must have student's LIN)
•    Bursar Account Charge: See PARENT PORTAL above; $20 minimum

GoldPLUS Office is located in the IDEAL Department at 42 University Drive.
Office hours are 7:30AM – 4:30PM (EST), Monday through Friday (except University holidays).
Please contact us at 610-758-6169, or at ingold@lehigh.edu, for answers to any questions you may have.