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Transportation Services provides you with one-stop shopping for all of your motor vehicle needs. Our vehicles, as well as those of our vendors, are safe and reliable. We maintain current certificates of insurance on all of our charter bus vendors and inspect their facilities and equipment prior to authorizing them to provide services to the University community. Whether you require a car for one day, a refrigerated truck for a special occasion, or a bus for a multiple day trip, please call us. If we cannot provide the service you require with university equipment and drivers, we will attempt to obtain it for you from a reliable outside vendor at a reasonable cost!

Although we have attempted to cover most situations, circumstances may occur which require good judgment on the part of the vehicle operator. If you find yourself in a situation not described in this manual or if you have any questions, please call the Transportation Services office.

In order for us to adequately assess your needs and provide you with the best possible service, we would like to know about any questions you may have or problems you have encountered. We appreciate your input and welcome your comments and suggestions.

University Vehicle

Any vehicle owned by, rented by, leased by, chartered by or otherwise under the control or custody of Lehigh University. This includes all vehicles supported by funds under the control of Lehigh University as well as personal vehicles while they are being used on university business.

University Funds

Any and all monies and/or funds belonging to or under the control of Lehigh University.

Reporting Mechanical Difficulties

If you should encounter any mechanical problems or if you notice that something is broken or not working properly on the vehicle you are driving, please fill out a Vehicle Maintenance Request. Even if the problem seems minor to you, please report it to us promptly.

The usual driver of a vehicle is most often the best source of information on the operating condition of his/her vehicle. We rely on your observations to help us prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. We also need accurate, complete, and timely information on needed repairs to assist us in effectively scheduling the garage and the mechanic's time. The completed Vehicle Maintenance Request should be mailed or faxed to the Transportation Services office (610)758-5500.

Bus Cancellation Policy

Rental occurs: Monday through Friday

Cancellation deadline: 24 hours in advance

Rental occurs: Saturday and Sunday

Cancellation deadline: preceding Thursday by Noon


Single day rental: Minimum charge applies

Multiple day rental: Minimum charge x number of days

A "NO SHOW" is treated as a late cancellation.

Accident Policy

It is of vital importance that everyone who operates a University vehicle, or a personal vehicle on University business, be aware of, understand completely and comply completely with the University's accident policy.

This policy has been developed over many years in cooperation with our insurance carriers. It is constantly reviewed to be in accordance with all applicable law and has been refined to best protect both the University's and the individual's interest.

Failure to follow the University's established accident policy completely may result in repair, administrative and/or other charges being assessed to your department.

An ACCIDENT is defined as follows:

Any time a vehicle strikes or is struck by another vehicle, object or person, regardless of the amount of the damage or the owner of the vehicle/object.

Examples of accidents include, but are not limited to: scraping trees, posts, railings, loading docks, other vehicles, etc.

All accidents must be reported to the local Police Department and Transportation Services as soon as possible. (If you are on Lehigh University property, please contact the Campus Police at 8-4200.)

If you have an accident, you should do the following:

  • Stop at once.
  • Do not move your vehicle unless leaving your vehicle where it is could cause further accidents or injuries.
  • Set out warning devices, if available.
  • Call (or send for) the police. If anyone is injured, ask for an ambulance.
  • Protect your passengers, yourself, your vehicle and your cargo.
  • Contact Transportation Services, or the Lehigh University Campus Police if not during normal business hours, as soon as possible. You may also wish to contact your supervisor.
  • Discuss the specifics of the accident only with the police, your supervisor or a representative of the Transportation Services office.
  • If the police do not respond, give the other driver only:
    1. Your name, address, driver's license number and state of issuance.
    2. The name and address of Lehigh University as stated on the vehicle owner's card.
    3. The name of Lehigh's Insurance carrier as stated on the Insurance Identification card.
    4. The vehicle license number.

AND please obtain and record the same information from him/her.

If police are on the scene, obtain the officer's badge number, station address and phone number and the report number.

Alcohol Policy

Lehigh University has a policy on the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages which applies to the campus community. University vehicles are covered by Lehigh's Alcohol Policy, a copy of which is available from the Office of Business Services (ext. 8-4763). University vehicles are also covered by all policies and guidelines as stated in the Lehigh University Student Handbook

As the applicable laws regarding the transportation and use of alcohol differ from state to state, and there are issues regarding the interstate transportation of alcoholic beverages, the alcohol regulations listed below are necessary to insure passenger safety and full compliance with federal, state, and local laws and are in addition to the University's general policies as mentioned above.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any vehicle owned by, rented by, leased by, chartered by, in the custody of or under the control of Lehigh University at any time.

Vehicle operators (drivers) and passengers are responsible for ensuring that no alcohol is carried onto any vehicle under their control. This includes, but is not limited to, kegs, cases, cans, bottles, coolers, etc.

In the case of Charter trips (when a vehicle driver is provided either by Lehigh University or an outside contractor/vendor).

Should the consumption of alcohol become obvious to the driver, the vehicle will be stopped as soon as it is safe to do so, and all alcoholic beverages will need to be removed from the vehicle before the trip is continued. Failure of any passenger(s) to comply, or any additional alcohol use, will cause immediate cancellation of the trip with the driver returning the vehicle and passengers to campus. The renter will be charged for the complete trip.

Drivers are required to report all incidents, including attempts to bring alcohol onto any University vehicle by any party, to the Director of Transportation Services, who is required to report same to the Dean of Students Office, Department Head, and/or other appropriate party. Drivers may, using their individual discretion, contact other authorities as the specific situation requires. In this instance, the Director of Transportation Services will also be contacted immediately.


The use of Lehigh University funds for the payment of tickets received while in control of a University vehicle is specifically prohibited. This includes tickets issued to an individual while operating a University vehicle as well as those issued to the vehicle or the University as a result of parking violations.

Drivers are personally responsible for the prompt payment of any/all such tickets to the issuing authority using personal funds.

Should any request for payment be made of Lehigh University due to the absence of timely payment by the responsible party, Transportation Services will assess the responsible department a fee of not less than $25.00 for each such notice received, per ticket.

Personal Use of University Vehicles

Personal use of University vehicles is not allowed.

Authorization to Operate University Vehicles

Any faculty or staff member or any student possessing a valid driver's license may operate a University vehicle provided that person is at least eighteen (18) years of age and has received prior authorization from Transportation Services. Please contact Transportation Services for further information.

Purchase of Vehicles

In addition to the standard purchasing procedures, all purchases of vehicles need the approval of the Manager of Transportation Services.

If the purchase is adding a vehicle (as opposed to replacing an existing one), approval of the Vice-President of the stem, the Associate Vice-President for Resource Management, and the Vice-President for Finance and Administration are also required.

Rental of Vehicles

All vehicle rentals paid for with University funds should be made through the Transportation Services office with the exception of those associated with air travel and which originate outside of the local area. The University's authorized Travel Agency (Travel Leaders - 866-502-1924) will make arrangements for such vehicle rentals.

Lease of Vehicles

All vehicle leasing paid for with University funds must be arranged through the Transportation Services office.


The information contained in this document was accurate at the time of publication. Lehigh University reserves the right to modify its policies and procedures to accommodate current circumstances. In such cases, documents received from the Transportation Services office will contain the latest information, which supersedes the information contained herein.