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Preferred Scientific Suppliers

Preferred Scientific Suppliers that provide the University with contract pricing are:

  • Fisher
  • Sigma
  • Thomas
  • VWR
  • Gas cylinder and welding supplies:
    • Airgas
    • Praxair

All gas cylinders should be ordered with one of the above listed contracted suppliers to ensure proper return and disposal.

Orders are submitted on a Blanket Order Release Form to the Lab Store.  The Lehigh account number and authorized signature of the index executive is a requirement before materials can be acquired.  The dollar amount limit for each Blanket Order is $5,000.

Special request for under graduate essentials (lab coats, safety goggles) require a 4-6 week prior notification to insure availability.

If you require information on a "New Lab Start Up Program," special request, or price quote, a list of sales representatives may be provided upon request.

Chemical Waste Disposal is provided twice a year.  Check with Environmental Health and Safety for the schedule of pick up dates.

An approval is required through the EH&S Department for any chemicals on "A Chemical List of Interest" and "Toxic and Pyrophoric Gases List" before submission.  This list is available by contacting the Lab Store or EH&S