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The University's Debit Card Program, called GoldPLUS, program went off campus in 2002, and currently has over 50 area businesses participating. Annually, 1.5 - 2 million dollars is deposited into over 5,000 accounts.

The following are the basic requirements for a merchant to participate in the University's GoldPLUS program. More complete details will be specified in a contractual agreement between you and Lehigh University after you complete and submit the GoldPLUS Merchant Application Form & W9, but this general information should help you in your preparation to become a participating merchant.

Installation Requirements

  • Hardware/Software: PAX A80 (terminal/printer combined). You must purchase your own terminal, with no previous applications on it. The terminal needs to be programmed by the University, at no additional cost to the merchant. The equipment is the property of the merchant.
  • Wiring/Electrical: One Ethernet LAN line and one electrical outlet per terminal set. The Ethernet connection must have port 9120 open. You must provide an Ethernet cable, which must be able to reach from the jack to where you are setting your terminal. The power cord for the terminal (and/or extension cord) must also be able to reach from the outlet to where the terminal is to be set up.

Operating Requirements

  • Cost to Participate: The University will retain 5.0% of the merchant's net University Debit Card transactions, in addition to a one-time Start-Up Fee of $250.00 for new participants.
  • Funds Disbursement: The University will disburse net amount due merchants for University Debit Card transactions on a daily basis (approximately 3 days following the transaction date). The bank statement display will be "Off-Campus Advan".
  • Line Expenses: The merchant is responsible for any on-going Ethernet LAN line expenses, and must provide the proper connection cables that are the proper length for set up.
  • Service: The GoldPLUS Office and the University are always willing to help with any concerns or problems. However, because our office hours do not coincide with most merchant business hours, we want to state that we currently do not provide 24-hour/7-day a week service.
  • NOTE: The Card cannot be accepted for sales of Alcohol, Tobacco products, and certain other restrictions, as stated in our contract.

We are very excited at the prospect of your business joining our program. Please complete the GoldPLUS Merchant Application Form (PDF) & W9. You may either mail in the form, drop off the form at the GoldPLUS Office located in the IDEAL Office at 42 University Drive, or scan & email the form to Please contact Will Hlay at 610-758-6169, or email, for answers to any questions you may have.