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Retirees & Volunteers

The information below has been pulled from the Complete Parking Regulations effective July 1, 2019.  Please click here to view the complete regulations.


Retired Faculty and Staff - Section 7.12

Retired faculty and staff are eligible for an “Evening and Weekend” parking permit at no charge.

Retiree's will be eligible to purchase standard daily visitor permits if they wish to park on campus between the hours of 6 A.M. and 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Retirees still employed by the University or volunteering are eligible to purchase an annual permit in accordance with the same regulations as Faculty and Staff parking permits.



Volunteer - Section 7.21

  1. Free “Evening and Weekend” Permits
    • Volunteers will be issued an “Evening and Weekend” permit valid in the Goodman Commuter Lot at no cost.
    • Volunteers on campus during peak academic hours may obtain a Daily Visitor Pass (obtained and paid for by their assigned department).
    • Free Volunteer permits and Volunteers with Daily Visitor passes will not be eligible to park in Short Term Faculty/Staff Parking Spaces.
  2. Academic Day Faculty/Staff Campus Parking Zone Permits (If a volunteer is on campus more than weekly):
    • The department they volunteer for may cover the cost of an annual permit per the same fees and regulations as Wage Employees.
    • The Volunteer may purchase an annual permit per the same fees and regulations as Wage Employees.
    • Only Volunteers who purchase a Wage Employee equivalent permit are eligible for Short Term Faculty/Staff Parking.