Summer Housing & Dining Calendar

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Summer Session I


Summer I housing check-in (Gryphons) 5/20/23, 9 AM, LUPD

Summer I housing check-in 5/21/23, 9 AM, Housing Services

Summer I meal plan begins (breakfast) 5/22/23

Summer Session I begins 5/22/23

Summer Dining closed 5/29/23

University holiday 5/29/23


Summer Session I ends 6/29/23

Summer Session I finals 6/30/23


Summer Session I finals 7/1/23

Summer I meal plan ends (lunch) 7/1/23

Summer I housing check out 7/2/23, 12 noon (Students signed up for the full summer term are not required to vacate their suite between sessions.)

Summer Session II


Summer II housing check-in 7/2/23

Summer II meal plan begins (breakfast) 7/5/22

Summer Session II begins 7/3/23

Summer Dining closed 7/4/23

University holiday 7/4/23



Summer Session II ends 8/10/23

Summer Session II finals 8/11/23

Summer Session II finals 8/12/2023

Summer II meal plan ends (lunch) 8/12/23

Summer II housing check out 8/13/23, 12 noon (Students with university housing for 2023-24 will be contacted regarding temporary housing needs between end of summer session and start of the academic year.)