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Mini Bin Swap Program

Are you looking for a way to minimize waste in your office on a day-to-day basis?

Consider participating in the Mini Bin Swap Program!

Through the Mini Bin Swap Program, you can swap your larger, black trash bin for a smaller trash bin that can clip onto your recycling bin.  With less space to throw away your trash, you will create less waste and help Lehigh reach its waste minimization and recycling goals.



Contact Gary Falasca (gf02@lehigh.edu) in Facilities Services & Campus Planning.




Big Belly Side Panel Advertising

Are you a department, student club, or campus organization that is looking to advertise to target the Lehigh community?  Do you want a chance to advertise on Big Belly side panels in Farrington Square?

Facilities Services & Campus Planning offers advertising space on the sides (see image below - advertising is on the side panels denoted "left" and "right") of the Big Belly solar compacting bins in Farrington Square to reach the Lehigh student, faculty, and staff community.  Lehigh departments, student clubs, organizations, and student groups can place ads on the sides of the Big Belly bins to target the passersby.  


**ADVERTISEMENT SPECIFICATIONS - 18"W x 30"H with ¼ inch reveal.**


STEP 1: Submit your ad design (18"W x 30"H with ¼ inch reveal in PDF format) to Glenn Strause (ghs2@lehigh.edu) in Printing & Mailing Services.  Include in the email the following info:

  • Request that the ad be printed on 4mm Coroplast

  • Provide index number to charge

  • Request that the ad(s) be delivered to Gary Falasca (461 Webster Street, Building 3, Facilities Services & Campus Planning)

STEP2: Fill out this form to place your ad(s) on a Big Belly solar compacting bin!


**Please allow 10-12 business days from the time we have your final artwork, for the ads to be mounted in on the Big Belly bins**