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Vision, Mission & Goals

Real Estate Services Vision Statement

Provide strategic and comprehensive real estate services and management that align with and supports the University’s strategic plan, master plan and institutional goals.


Our mission is to support Lehigh’s mission of teaching, research and service by:

  • Ensuring the University has the real estate interests necessary to achieve its immediate and long term goals
  • Promoting real estate activities that strengthen Lehigh’s competitiveness in recruiting students, faculty and staff
  • Partnering with the University and Bethlehem community to  keep campus and its adjoining neighborhoods a great place to learn, live, work and visit
  • Supporting the redevelopment of neighborhood areas adjoining the Lehigh’s campuses
  • Acquiring and protecting real estate needed for current and future educational needs
  • Contributing to Lehigh’s financial strength


  • Provide professional real estate services to the University and community for real estate matters
  • Effectively collaborate with community project planning efforts and developing key partnerships for investment for campus projects as well as those impacting the local community tax base (both internal university connections and those in the community)
  • Generate revenue from the institution's real estate assets in a manner which is consistent with its teaching, research, and service mission
  • Effectively assist in the long-range planning activities of the institution, particularly as they relate to University real estate