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Warehouse Rental

Warehouse space is at a premium, there is limited storage available on campus; currently we are using Building B on the Mountaintop Campus.

B U I L D I N G  B 
Building B is used as a storage area for a variety of items. The building has secure “Caged” areas and open areas and are leased annually by various departments, including Dining Services, Residential Services, Conference Services, Library and Technology Services, and ATLSS, all of whom pay a fixed, monthly charge for the total square footage within their respective areas. There is limited amount of space available to other University departments, please call Glenn @ 83109 or ghs2@lehigh.edu to inquire about any temporary, short term or long term storage availability.

If you are in need of storage (short or long-term), contact Glenn Strause in Surplus Property and Warehousing operations at X83109 to determine if space is available. Advise how much space is required and the expected duration. Do not make shipping arrangements to the B Building warehouse with your department's surplus, or with suppliers' or donors' materials until you've discussed space availability with Glenn. Shipments will be turned away at the door if space is unavailable.

Storage space is charged on a monthly basis. The cost per square foot is $.53.  Labor and or Forklift usage is charged at $85.00 per hour – Minimum of $25.