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HR Launches New Online Performance Draftbook

Introducing the New Online Draftbook!

Human Resources is pleased to announce the launch of our new online Draft Book performance review process. We hope that you are already well familiar with the paper version of the Draft Book and we are excited to share the new and improved online version. Online Draft Book, powered by Page Up, hosts a slew of great features and functionality to assist you with moving forward in your performance reviews – both as a staff member and for those of you who supervise staff members – and gives you the opportunity to track and review your learning and development experience in one central location.

As you already know, Lehigh utilizes a quarterly performance review process to help establish and maintain effective communication and planning amongst employees and their supervisors throughout the year. The fourth and final meeting of the year focuses on summarizing the year’s goals, achievements and areas of improvement. This meeting also offers an opportunity for both the staff member and his or her supervisor to establish goals for the coming year. As we roll out the new online Draft Book, the campus community will be submitting their fourth quarter reviews through the new system. Early in 2019, we will transition into the 2019 performance reviews as well.

To access Online Draft Book, log in to https://lehighes1.pageuppeople.com.

What do I need to know and take action on for January 2019?

2018 performance review forms have been launched for every staff member and supervisor as part of the Planning step. By this point, you should have logged into Draft Book and selected the “I acknowledge” button in the Next Steps section of your 2018 Lehigh Staff Member Performance Review. This automatically sends a notification to your supervisor, who also should also log in and select “I acknowledge” in order to move the form to the next step in the process, Ongoing Feedback.

If you have not already completed your self-assessment, added your Accountabilities, Goals, and any additional information that you would like your supervisor to consider when reviewing your form and self-assessment, now is the time to do so. Pro-tip – you can easily attach a PDF version of your PD if you prefer, rather than typing your accountabilities and supporting activities into the form! You can access your PD by logging into the PD tool at https://pd.lehigh.edu/PDWeb/. You will need your position number and password; if you do not have that information, please contact Human Resources at extension 8-3900. Supervisors may also request their direct reports’ PDs if needed.

On January 28, the form will automatically move to your supervisor for review. There is no need for you to take action to send the form to the next step; again, this will be automatic. The form will move whether or not all information has been entered, so please ensure you do so prior to the January 28 deadline.

Once the form has moved to your supervisor, the Evaluation & Rating step will allow your supervisor time to review your accountabilities, goals and any additional information that you have entered. Your supervisor will need to complete his or her evaluation by February 26, at which point the form will move into the final step, Sign-Off. This is where you will have the opportunity to review your supervisor’s feedback, enter follow-up comments into the form and discuss the feedback. Finally, both you and your supervisor will sign off on the evaluation.

What if I don’t see a form launched for myself or a direct report (for supervisors)?

Contact either Tarah Cicero at extension 8-3698 or tac618, or Linda Lefever at extension 8-5195 or lip3. If you encounter any information that you feel is incorrect, please let Tarah or Linda know.

This all sounds great – where can I learn more?

The Performance Management team has provided various resources in an effort to answer as many questions as you may have! The following resources can be accessed via the Human Resources website at https://hr.lehigh.edu/performance-review-process:

• An overview of Lehigh’s performance review process
• Access to the PD tool
• Access to the Draft Book site
• Draft Book User Guides
o Supervisor Online Draft Book User Guide
o Staff Online Draft Book User Guide
o 2018 Online Draft Book Process Timeline
• Instructional Videos for all employees as well as a specialized video for supervisors
• Registration for in-class computer lab training or a live webinar via the Learning Library


What’s the Learning Library, and how do I access it?

What coincides with the resources listed above is the new and exciting Learning Library, accessible within Draft Book by selecting My Community and then Learning Library. The Learning Library houses a Pinterest-esque look at available training sessions that you can register for, including the aforementioned webinars and live in-class training. Upcoming sessions of Career Power Lunch and Crucial Conversations have also been added in, amongst many other options. Once you have registered, the session is automatically added to your Development Plan – which makes tracking your course attendance and progress a breeze and your supervisor will also be able to see this information when it comes time for your review. Schedules and registration for Career Enrichment programs will be added in early 2019 and new training opportunities will be scheduled as we progress throughout the year so check back regularly for updates!

Anything else I should know?

Page Up provides numerous features catered to HR-related functions, from applicant tracking to succession planning, so keep a lookout for exciting updates over the next few months!