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OneCard Updates

Memo from Lehigh's OneCard and Travel program Coordinator, Brenda Bachman:

I manage all operational responsibility for the OneCard system, including communications and policy enforcement. My goal is to help you use your OneCard and assist you through the statement reconciliation process in the following ways:

  • Keeping you educated about the OneCard system.  Unfortunately there are many misconceptions on campus.
  • Ensuring you have added the OneCard Google calendar to your own calendar.  This provides email notifications when due dates approach, directly from your calendar, and provides the extras (i.e. the link to the Wells Fargo system) that our customized emails used to include.
  • Making sure you are in compliance with completing the statement reviews and approvals by the published due dates.  As per the OneCard policy, reviews and approvals not completed by the required date could result in suspension of your OneCard until the requirements are completed.  Questions? I can help you through the process!
  • Offering individual training or at departmental meetings. 
  • Providing regular updates on matters of concern.

My efforts will focus on improving your OneCard experience with the help of your feedback and also by meeting with departments. Wells Fargo receives and tracks communications and “wish list” requests I send to them regularly.  However, we may not always see immediate changes because suggestions and requests go through an evaluation process. Please continue to provide feedback so that we can continue to make improvements to the program. We are listening!

If you have any questions or are having difficulty with something pertaining to your OneCard, please feel free to reach out to me or visit Lehigh's OneCard website. I am here to help you! 

Thank you,

Brenda Bachman, OneCard Administrator
Ext. 8-3266