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Page Up Implementation Updates from HR

In late 2018, Human Resources rolled out the new and improved online Draft Book performance review process. As we make our way into the third quarter of 2019, we hope that you have become more familiar with the online system and its features. In addition to the rollout of the online performance review process, the Learning Library launched as well. The Learning Library houses upcoming learning and development opportunities in which you can enroll and track your training completions automatically via your Development Plan. In addition to the tracking that your Development Plan offers through the Learning Library, the new Career Enrichment Playbook provides you with an opportunity to track your progression throughout the different Career Enrichment tracks. To learn more about what opportunities are available and to download your own Career Enrichment Playbook please visit HR's Career Enrichment section. 

Draft Book and the Learning Library are powered by Page Up, and as promised from our January 2019 F&A Newsletter article, we have some exciting new updates to provide you as we move forward with the many features and services that Page Up has to offer.

One of our core initiatives in partnering with Page Up is to provide a one-stop-shop for a variety of HR services surrounding talent management:  performance management, learning and development, applicant tracking, onboarding, PD reviews, new position creation and re-evaluations. The rollout of performance management as well as learning and development is complete, and the remaining talent management features are slated next for release in the coming months.

The Page Up applicant tracking process aims to improve and streamline the applicant experience by providing a user-friendly environment for applicants as well as hiring managers. Supervisors will be able to initiate the process themselves when a vacancy within their department opens – in addition, electronic approvals will be available when supervisors are ready to recruit for their vacant positions.  Once an applicant is offered and accepts the position, a newly streamlined onboarding process will begin. The new onboarding platform will engage new hires with an interactive checklist that will help keep both the employee and supervisor on track in anticipation of starting out in his or her new position.

Current employees will be able to access and review their Position Description (PD) at any time in one easily accessible spot within Page Up. In addition, supervisors will have access to the PDs of their direct reports without needing to first contact HR for accessibility information. Electronic approvals for re-evaluations and new position requests are another soon-to-come feature of the Page Up system. Overall, a prominent goal of this rollout is to inspire a sense of independence for supervisors as well as their direct reports without having to rely as much on HR for what are currently manual processes. This will result in a more efficient partnership for all parties involving talent acquisition and compensation functions.

If you’re wondering, “this sounds awesome, when can we begin?” we have good news:  our team within HR has been working diligently on the implementation of this side of Page Up and will begin testing soon. A tentative rollout date has been set for Fall 2019. Training opportunities will be available once we get closer to the launch of this portion of the Page Up platform, so keep an eye out for announcements.