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Purchasing Services has partnered with Unimarket, a user-friendly cloud based procurement solution, to deliver:

  • Point and click product selection with key catalog vendors, such as VWR, Fisher, Grainger, and more
  • Real-time integration with Banner
  • Transparent pricing for all pre-negotiated supplier contracts

This open system allows an increase in University purchasing power by controlling spend, reducing costs, and streamlining purchasing processes.

For full browser/buyer access and visibility of all vendors, please ensure you have completing training and enrollment through Lehigh Purchasing Services.
Unimarket may also be used for:


  • Easily create RFQ, RFI, or RFP Bid Requests!
  • Customizable evaluation criteria
  • Collaborate with university peers to review supplier responses in one place
  • Forum allows efficient communication with vendors

Contracts (Spring 2019)

  • Stores contract files in one convenient location
  • Allows for open-ended sharing between reviewers, stakeholders
  • Helps to track spend in accordance with contract