Beds And Furniture

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All beds provided by Lehigh provide you with flexibility, comfort and extensive storage capability beneath. The metal frame that the mattress rests on can be set in the bed ends so that the underbed height is either 15" or 22".

Mattress size is 36" x 80" (Twin extra long); except for McClintic-Marshall and a limited number of rooms in Dravo which are 36" x 76" (regular Twin).

Beds may only be lifted off the ground by bed risers. One set of bed risers is permitted per bed but cannot be used in conjunction with bunk beds. Bed risers are not provided by the University.


Bunk Beds, Bunking Pins, and Bed Rails

All University beds can be bunked. Students choosing to bunk their University beds must do so using University issued bunking pins. Bunking pins are available upon request on opening day and throughout the year at the Office of Housing Services. Bed rails are required for students who choose to bunk their beds. Bedrails will be installed with the bunk prior to student arrival or delivered shortly after bunking pins are issued post-arrival. 


Furniture Policy

 For more information about beds and other University provided furniture;

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