Lost or Stolen ID Cards

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If your LU ID card is lost or stolen, immediately deactivate your card (Building Access, GoldPLUS, Meal Plan/Dining Dollars):

  • Go to connect.lehigh.edu and log in
  • Student Menu or Employee Menu
  • Help
  • Lost or Stolen ID Card - Deactivate ID

A replacement LU ID card may be obtained at the IDEAL Office (see Replacement ID Cards), located at 42 University Drive, during regular office hours (see ID Card Office Home). A $30.00 replacement fee will be charged to your Bursar account or GoldPLUS account.

If your LU ID card is found after being deactivated, but before receiving a replacement, you must personally present the ID card to the IDEAL Office, or email a reactivation request from your Lehigh email address, in order to reactivate it. Once a replacement card has been issued, all prior cards are no longer valid and cannot be reactivated.

If you live on campus, and your LU ID card is lost or stolen after regular office hours or on the weekend, immediately deactivate your card (Building Access, GoldPLUS, Meal Plan/Dining Dollars) by following the instructions above. Then, contact a Gryphon via the building cell phone if you live in a residence hall, or contact your House Manager if you live in a fraternity or sorority. They will be able to issue you a Temporary Access Card, which will give you building access until the next business day. The Temporary Access Card must be returned to the IDEAL Office and a replacement LU ID card must be obtained (see Replacement ID Cards) the next business day. Failure to return the Temporary Access Card to the IDEAL Office the next business day will result in an additional $30.00 replacement fee charged to your Bursar account.