ID Photo Submission Information

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You must submit a photo of yourself in advance, to be used on your ID card.

The picture must be a color, head-and-shoulders photograph of you facing the camera with a plain background. We cannot accept photos where you are wearing sunglasses, hats, or anything that would make it difficult to determine your identity.

We reserve the right to refuse any photo, due to poor quality, unacceptable content, or other variables.

We reserve the right to crop or edit the image in order to produce an acceptable ID picture.

You must email your photo as a .jpg file to prior to your arrival on campus (please label your photo file with your LIN, example, 876543210.jpg). Recommended picture size is a minimum of 400 x 400 pixels, and a maximum of 800 x 800 pixels.

NOTE: New employees may not have access to their LIN prior to their start date; in this case, please label your photo file with your full name (example, Borden_Lizzie.jpg).