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Lounge Furniture Policy

This furniture is provided for the use and enjoyment of all residents. Residence staff members may not give permission for individuals to use University lounge furniture in private rooms.

  • The furniture belongs to the University.
  • This policy should be communicated to and discussed with all residents.
  • Check the furniture often and try to assure that it remains where it should be and in good condition.
  • Special needs should be addressed to the Assistant Director of Housing Services prior to moving any furniture.

It is part of the residence staff member's responsibility to notice and report lounge furniture in a resident's room and to be sure that the resident returns the furniture to its original place. If this suggestion is not taken well or acted upon by the resident, the staff member should contact the RLC for further assistance. The RLC will report any issues to the Assistant Director assigned to the building.

If individuals are found with furniture in their rooms or outside of the residence hall, they are subject to disciplinary action that could include, but not limited to, fines or being billed for the expense of moving the furniture back to the appropriate lounge. Billing will be done collectively unless the individual responsible is identified.

In terms of damage done to furniture, the residence staff member should confront the situation and file the appropriate documentation.